Lease-option sales

2443 S. Oakland Circle

10435 Wheeling St.

4378 S. Carr Court

1139D Monroe Dr., Boulder


1339 Ogden St. 

Howard Saltz 

Single-family rental homes (Past and current)

2425 Pontiac St.

      667 S. Emerson St.

535 Garfield St. 

2706 E. 12th Ave.

98 W. Byers Place (4 units)

1440 Detroit St. (7 units) 

Sold "fix-and-flips"

1331-37 Ogden St. (6 units)

4875 Ames St.

1230 Washington St. (8 units)

1244 Jackson St. (Duplex)

Howard Saltz is a principal in RBF Properties LLC. Through sister companies in Colorado, New Mexico and Florida, it has acquired, operated and sold apartment buildings and single-family rental homes in the Denver area since 2001. 

We favor Victorian, Tudor and Queen Anne houses because ... we like them. We have remained true to the principle that we would not rent to someone else a home that we would not live in ourselves.

1424 Pennsylvania Ave. (23 units)